In 2010, the use of Social media wasn’t as advanced as is today, responsive design wasn't on any radar yet and thinking that social could lead SEO could sound like a joke; yet, it was an exciting concept with a bright future. 
As a bonus project, during my study at Hyper Island, I joined forces with my other fellow students to answer a simple question:

How to promote 54 art director students through the concept of a digital nation online?

And making into something that is it useful and entertaining for ourselves as well as the industry. 

Long term. 

And at the same time deserving of a launch party. 

Within two weeks.

That’s how Claudania was born. This was the first website of this kind that generated 90% of its content from social media sources and, by connecting the dots, creating meaningful insights about each individual in the class, as well as the class. It enabled us across the years to keep track of each other too.

My role:

Working with other students on concept development, UX and design, as well as co-ordinating the whole project. Project managing the whole project, including video production, PR, event planning and website delivery



The launch party was jammed with people from the industry
54 Interactive Art Directors were placed within 2 weeks after the launch of the site